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CELS Systems Outage, June 17-19, 2016

(Previous announcement here: https://mcssys.wordpress.com/2016/05/26/cels-systems-outage-june-17-19-2016/)

Here’s an update on the state of things for the outage this Friday. Please read the above for context. Another reminder/announcement will be sent on Thursday.


Aside from what’s noted in the prior announcement, please note we will be turning off the Mac file servers on Thursday evening at close of business. Please make sure you have the files you need moved to Box or your local machine prior to 5PM on June 16.

The morning of June 17 we will issue a building-wide shutdown command to all linux workstations managed by us. If you self-manage your machine, or if you run a Mac or Windows machine, please shut it down before you leave on Thursday to ensure no data loss on the local disk. Remember, you won’t be coming into building 240 at all on Friday, it will be off limits to everyone (including Systems).

The list of machines that will stay up is largely the same as last time (https://mcssys.wordpress.com/2015/05/27/reminder-tcs-power-outage-june-1-2015/) with the addition of gitlab.cels.anl.gov and xgitlab.cels.anl.gov and some back-end services. I’ll post the complete list later this week.


Work to reduce the impact of this outage on your work is progressing well. Our expectation is that login services for bio.anl.gov workstations and DHCP (the service that provides the network address for your workstation) will remain up and running. BIO File servers will, however, be down. The BIO print server will also be down.

If you need to print something on Friday, you can connect to the canons from your web browser (ex: http://a102copier.bio.anl.gov) and print PDFs that way. Save the document you want to print as a PDF, go to the printer in your web browser, and click “End User Mode”, then login (no PIN). Click “Direct Print”, then under “Specify File”, choose “Browse” and select the PDF you want to print. Once the options below look like what you want, click “Start Printing”.

Kat will be over there through most of the day to help with issues, and we’ll be monitoring the support queue at help.

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June 13, 2016 at 3:20 pm

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