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Reminder: Building 240 power outage June 17 through 19, CELS IT services affected

First announcement: https://mcssys.wordpress.com/2016/05/26/cels-systems-outage-june-17-19-2016/

Second announcement: https://mcssys.wordpress.com/2016/06/13/cels-systems-outage-june-17-19-2016-2/

For status updates during the outage you can follow our twitter account at https://twitter.com/mcssys

First, updates for BIO (MCS/CELS announcements follow this section):

I’m awaiting word that the switchover is complete, but we should have DHCP (network address assignment) switched over to CIS servers today, which means if a machine reboots during the outage, it will still come up. The BIO authentication server backup is running in the 221 data center and will stay up, so logins will continue to work. Y, Z, and X drives will be down. Linux systems will not be able to login to BIO or ANL accounts, and linux shared file systems will be down.

The canon copiers are now available on the CIS print server (which will stay up during the outage). You can see them here: \\printers.anl.gov. The printers installed are:

onewestcopier.bio.anl.gov (imageRUNNER2525)

q104copier.sbc.anl.gov (iR-ADV 6055)

a102copier.bio.anl.gov (iR-ADV 6055)

If you normally print directly to the copiers, that would work as usual. The Xerox and other printers are not yet on that print server, we’ll get those moved over after the outage and retire “BIOPRINT”.

Kat will be on-site at our desk in 446 to assist tomorrow, and the team will be monitoring the ticket queue.

Updates for MCS/LCF/CELS:

The CELS user-facing linux environment will be down, as previously announced, including login and home file servers. We will issue a system-wide shutdown command to all linux workstations tomorrow morning. If you run a mac or a self-managed machine, please shut down the machine before you leave tonight. Mac file servers will shut down at COB today, as will our tape backup servers.

On Monday, if anything is not working as expected on your computer, please reboot first, then if that doesn’t fix the issue, report it to help or call the help desk at x6813.

The list of user-facing machines that will *not* go down is included below. The ALCF accounts webpages will have a brief downtime tomorrow for maintenance on the server, but will be up by afternoon. Note that repo.anl-external.org is one of the sites that will unfortunately be down during the outage.

The outage window is advertised to be until Sunday, though it’s very likely power will return on Saturday. However, it may take some time to get systems back, so please do not expect anything to be back in operation until we say it is. I will send a notice to this list, which will also post to the previously noted Twitter account and to the blog at https://mcssys.wordpress.com, when we believe things are back in normal operation.

Some systems not part of CELS core IT may not return until Monday – please watch for communications from the teams for those systems. Also note any all-clear I give is purely related to the IT systems – the building will not resume normal business operations until Monday morning.

These servers will not go down as part of the outage:

app001.cels.anl.gov (collab.cels.anl.gov – Confluence)

app003.cels.anl.gov (gitlab.cels.anl.gov – internal gitlab)

app006.cels.anl.gov (dev.esg.anl.gov, dev.esgf.anl.gov)

app007.cels.anl.gov (www.esg.anl.gov, http://www.esgf.anl.gov)

beehive0.mcs.anl.gov (waggle project)

beehive1.mcs.anl.gov (waggle project)

beehive2.mcs.anl.gov (waggle project)

ca.mcs.anl.gov (certificate authority)

caveat.mcs.anl.gov (MPICH sv/trac)

coredb.mcs.anl.gov (internal database server)

cyclone.mcs.anl.gov (jira.cels.anl.gov)

davmail.mcs.anl.gov (Exchange/WebDAV connector)


gust.mcs.anl.gov (WordPress sites)



hub-221.mcs.anl.gov (radius)

jenkins.mcs.anl.gov (build test server)

kerdap-2.mcs.anl.gov (MCS/CELS kerberos/LDAP server)

kerdap.jlse.anl.gov (JLSE LDAP/kerberos server)

lic001.cels.anl.gov (License server for some software packages)

mon001.cels.anl.gov (monitoring server)

newnewman-1.mcs.anl.gov (email relay)

newnewman-2.mcs.anl.gov (email relay)

nginx.mcs.anl.gov (web proxy front-end for CELS-hosted websites)

owney.mcs.anl.gov (CELS-hosted mailman lists)

rdp.mcs.anl.gov (Windows terminal server)

rt.mcs.anl.gov (Request Tracker ticketing system)

squall.mcs.anl.gov (ALCF websites)

typhoon.mcs.anl.gov (JLSE wiki)

variant.mcs.anl.gov (svn/trac server)

wilbur.mcs.anl.gov (MCS webpages not hosted by CIS)

wind.mcs.anl.gov (wordpress, mediawiki sites)

xgitlab.cels.anl.gov (externally available gitlab server)

yubi-221.mcs.anl.gov (CELS One Time Password server)


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