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Semimonthly/Biweekly Tips and Tricks Brownbag, Wed Dec 11 11:30am Room #240-2178 – Using Slack

Starting this week, CELS Systems starts hosting a tips and trick brownbag focused on helping you leverage the services we provide. These will normally be held in 4178, but due to a conflict this week it will be in 2178.
Wednesday’s session will highlight ways you can leverage Slack for your team/project/etc. If you’ve got questions, feel free to shoot them to me beforehand and I’ll use that to craft the session accordingly, but even with nothing I’ve got more than enough to demonstrate for you to walk away learning something useful.
A good primer of what this first session will cover can be found here: https://anl.box.com/s/sandh727uwheq1yw79mydl9wilribhwo As a side note, I’m also putting any publicly available talks I give at https://anl.box.com/v/cstaceytalks and you can also find these slides in the 2019 folder. This is a set of slides that was going to be part of the CELS Computing Coffee Hour talk I gave a few weeks back, but the first section of the talk took up all the time, so these are new to you!
If you can’t make it in person, I’m going to broadcast these on Bluejeans as well and record them so you can watch them later. The link for this session is https://bluejeans.com/537250742 and I’ll post a link to the recording on the blog when it’s done.
This session will be hosted in #240-2178 at 11:30. We should be able to host about 10 people comfortably, 15 if we really like each other and want to learn more than we expect. Bring your laptop, bring your lunch, bring your llama if you can manage to get it through the gate. If you don’t want to bring anything, that’s okay as well.
Going forward, I’ll send out a notice the week before each one to go over the topic for each one, and some of these will be repeated for those who can’t make it.
Also, I’m sending this to seminars@cels.anl.gov as well as dispatches@cels.anl.gov. If you’re not already subscribed to dispatches@cels, it’s a good place to get announcements of things related to the CELS Computing infrastructure that’s more informative than critical. I try to keep it low traffic. You can also see these mailings at https://mcssys.wordpress.com (yeah, I know, soon to change to a new URL) and at https://www.twitter.com/celssys if you prefer to follow things that way.
Hope to see you there!


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December 10, 2019 at 4:07 pm

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