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NOTICE: CELS NFS File Server Outage Tonight


Tonight, July 11, 2017 at a little after 5 PM we will be taking our main home directory file server offline so that we can replace the system board. We expect the outage to last about 2 hours.

Which users will this effect?
Anyone using the NFS file services in the CELS/MCS environment.
If you ssh in to login.mcs.anl.gov or log in to a linux workstation at the console in bldg. 240 it’s likely you will be effected.

Which users will this not effect?
This should not effect most of our Mac users, such as Administrative Assistants. This should not effect most of the users in Bio.

Which systems will this effect?
Any system that NFS mounts file systems from sto10.mcs.anl.gov. This includes MCS Linux workstations, compute servers, and the login.mcs.anl.gov systems.

Which services will this effect?
NFS mounted home directories will be unavailable. Users will not be able to initiate new ssh sessions to any of the effected systems and any open sessions will likely suspend or fail. Most NFS shared project directories will also be inaccessible.

What should you do?
Before 5 PM tonight you should save any open work and log out of any open console or ssh sessions. After the outage it may be necessary to reboot your linux workstation.

We will send an “All-Clear” alert vi e-mail to this list and post to the systems blog and twitter once the work has been completed.

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Written by Adam Max Trefonides

July 11, 2017 at 11:07 am

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