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(Not yet) Retiring webvpn service

As a followup to the announcement I sent earlier, and after forwarding on the feedback I received (as did the others in the lab), we got a great response from BIS on this.

I’ll just quote it verbatim, because it made me smile. This comes from Dave Salbego.

You guys have forwarded some very informative feedback over the past week, and I’ll summarize it below:

– Dayforce sucks

– Citrix on Linux is difficult

– Citrix is oftentimes a heavyweight answer to a lightweight problem

– There is a select crowd that uses WebVPN for quick, lightweight internal web browsing for various purposes

There is good news: the next version of the Dash service includes a client-less, browser-based option for lightweight access to applications. I believe the introduction of this feature will address many of the concerns with the pending retirement of the WebVPN service.

We’re going to keep WebVPN running for now – at least until the next version of Dash is released (date TBD).


Written by Craig Stacey

June 13, 2017 at 3:56 pm

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