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Upcoming Office365 Migrations

Hi, folks!

I’m including the very official welcome message from BIS on this below, but I wanted to be the first to fill you in on what’s happening. BIS will be working with you all to migrate your mailbox from on-premise Exchange service (running Exchange 2010) to Microsoft-hosted Office 365. I’ve been on this setup for over a year now, and I can tell you it’s a remarkable improvement! The web GUI is amazing, you’ll be able to use the Android or iOS Outlook client for your mobile if you’d like, and most importantly you’ll have fast and reliable service. And that’s just the Outlook/e-mail portion of it. You’ll be using Office 365 with the full suite of online office apps at your disposal.

I’m really happy our divisions have finally hit the migration schedule.

I’ve been through the migration process myself, and it’s quite painless — you’ll barely notice it. BIS is very hands-on with anyone who needs help, but you’ll find most things just plain work seamlessly. Also, we are not the first divisions to undergo a mass migration, so we’re not guinea pigs here. 🙂

I know not everyone on this list is affected by this – perhaps you don’t use your Argonne mailbox at all (you may not even have one by choice). I’m sending this as a broad announcement to all the of the divisions served by CELS Systems, however, in case it convinces some of you to come back into the fold. It makes scheduling so much easier when everyone’s using the same system, and it gets a whole lot easier on *everybody* for any legal/cyber issues when the mail is kept in-house.

From this point forward, you’ll get direct communications (not to this list) from the ANL Service Desk and the BIS e-mail team with the specifics of when you’ll move and what you can expect. They’re experts at this and will take good care of you. And if you need any extra help, well my team and I will help out as much as we’re able.

I’m feeling really good about this, I can’t wait for you all to join me on the new and better service.

==== BIS Welcome Message

Hello, and welcome to the Argonne Office 365 Email migration initiative.

You will find this new Email experience to be an enhancement over the existing Argonne service offering.

The CELS, ALCF, MCS, and BIO Divisional mail migration will begin on June 5, and is expected to run until June16. You will receive additional notifications regarding your individual migration day in the next few days.

A detailed migration schedule for your division can be found on this wiki (internal access only)


In addition to the information below, you can also find all of the information relevant to the initiative on the Office 365 wiki page (accessible from anywhere) https://wiki.anl.gov/public/CIS_Email_Services/Office_365 .

Who will perform the work?

BIS will be performing the data migrations in cooperation with consultants skilled in the migration to Office 365. BIS field technicians, the BIS Service desk, and your division’s technical support will be providing post migration support.

What should you expect?

The migration is straightforward and occurs in the background while you are working.

On the day of migration, you will be able to start the day working in your mailbox uninterrupted. Once your mailbox has finished migrating, your mail client and mobile devices may need to be reconnected. We will have Email Migration staff from the Service Desk available on-site in your building to assist you if an issue arises.

Instructions for getting your client reconnected can be found at https://wiki.anl.gov/public/CIS_Email_Services/Office_365/Client_Configuration_Documents.

There are several key items of which you should be aware. Please visit the Office 365 wiki page for a full list of key changes. You can find that page at:

https://wiki.anl.gov/public/CIS_Email_Services/Office_365 .

What about my mobile phone/tablet?

Most mobile devices will lose connectivity briefly during the last steps of provisioning and reconnect automatically. If yours does not, you can refer to the Mobile device migration notes and documentation below.


As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Service Desk at 2-9999 option 2

Thank you,

The BIS Email Services Team


Thanks a bunch,


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May 31, 2017 at 4:05 pm

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