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Emergency sto10 File Server Reboot at Noon Today 03/14/2017


We have to reboot the main MCS/CELS file server known as sto10.mcs.anl.gov at Noon today.

We have experienced a number of unexpected outages on our main file server over the last week, which take out or workstation and compute node infrastructure.

We took the opportunity at the recent power outage to upgrade the system to a new patch level and we theorize this might be a contributing factor in the current problem and so we are rolling back to a previous patch level.

We anticipate the outage to last no more than one hour.

During this time logins to the login machines and workstations will not be possible and access to most project directories will be offline.

You may need to reboot your machine once the system has come back on line.

We apologize for the lack of notice on this, it is an urgent issue.

Thank you for your patience


Written by Adam Max Trefonides

March 14, 2017 at 10:56 am

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