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E-Mail Service upgrades at Argonne

In the coming months, Argonne will be moving its email service from Microsoft Exchange servers hosted on-site running an old version of Microsoft Exchange to a hosted solution run by Microsoft. I’ve been on this new service for about a year at least, and it’s great – much more capable than the current offering at Argonne.

You’ll get more communications directly from CIS about this when you’re scheduled to upgrade, including pointers to documentation and letting you know what you can expect while the migration is happening.

The actual migration process for this is really painless, as well. In the end, as a user, you’d notice a 5-10 minute period where you couldn’t connect to your mailbox. Also, depending on what method you use to read your mail (POP/IMAP especially), you might need a little extra assistance getting your settings changed. But most people the change will be near seamless.

Due to some technical reasons, it’s easier if we migrate divisions together (shared calendars and mailboxes being a big part of this). These migrations will be starting this month, and run through September at the latest. If your division has some sort of event or project in this time frame that you think would be negatively affected by your division moving during that time frame, let me know and I’ll block it out for the division.




Written by Craig Stacey

February 1, 2017 at 8:54 am

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