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New IT Support staffing and conference rooms in 240

Hi, all! I’ve got a couple of quick announcements to knock out here, so let’s get to it.

New staff!

Jasan left our group a few weeks ago for a fantastic opportunity, and we’ve just now been able to bring on his replacement. Please welcome Steve Verdone to the group! He’ll be manning the Help Desk on and off and handing user support issues with a focus on the Mac side of the world. Steve joins us from his prior gig at Apple as an Apple Expert. He’s getting up to speed on how we do things here, but I’m sure you’ll like him as much as we do – he’s a smart, friendly guy. Stop by and say hi.

Starting in July, we’re also going to be getting some additional help in getting the BIO IT environment inventoried, updated, and migrated into the ANL and CELS infrastructures. Jeff Hinthorn will be lending us some of his time over the next few months, splitting his duties between us and HEP. Jeff’s a seasoned Windows admin and his time will almost entirely be focused on BIO through the end of this fiscal year. We’re still finalizing the schedule, but he’ll be spending his time in building 446 at our IT desk over there daily. I’ll send a separate note to BIO when the schedule is finalized.

240 conference rooms:

Based on some feedback I’ve been getting, I want to send a reminder out about booking the conference and meeting rooms in the main 240 building. Instructions on doing so can be found at http://tcs.anl.gov/for-tcs-tenants/meeting-and-conference-rooms-in-tcs/ and it’s worth paying special attention to the highlighted section:

When you reserve a room, pay attention to the email response you receive back. Unless you get an e-mail indicating the room has “accepted” the meeting, you have not reserved the room. If in doubt, check the “Web View” links on the calendars below, which update every 5 minutes.

We’ve had people who think they’ve reserved the room, but either ignored the response from the room saying the room was already booked, or didn’t actually include the room as part of the invite, so it was never booked to begin with.

I’m investigating options for putting live schedule views at the entrances to the rooms to help avoid these issues in the future. More on that as it develops.


Written by Craig Stacey

June 29, 2016 at 12:12 pm

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