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Power work in building 240 you need to know about.

We’ve received notice regarding upcoming power work for building 240. Time frames have not been set, but this is something that will take out the entire building for a weekend, and many servers and services we provide. The current expectation is a weekend in June will be scheduled for the work. This work is to install necessary power for the installation of Theta in ALCF, the newest supercomputer coming on-site.

As we approach the date (once it’s decided), we’ll have a more definite list of what will and won’t be affected, but it’s safe to say all compute resources, file servers, desktops, and anything else that’s housed in building 240 will go down.

Over the years, we’ve moved a lot of critical CELS resources to building 221 (at least, the ones we’re able to fit into half a rack), so things like mailing lists and websites will generally continue to work. We’ll keep you updated as dates are shored up, though the critical scheduling factors will be driven by the Argonne site, ComEd, and ALCF.


Written by Craig Stacey

April 18, 2016 at 4:08 pm

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