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Hi, folks. We’ve had a few changes in the group since the new year, and I’m overdue in letting you know about them. Let’s dive right in:

Welcome BIO:

At the end of January, BIO’s IT admin Rocky Patel left Argonne for another opportunity. With that, our group took on supporting the BIO division along with the divisions we’re currently supporting. I sent a separate note earlier this month specifically to the BIO division after this happened, and have since had a meeting with the division, but I thought it would be good to have everyone aware of the situation, since we’re going to be spending some effort figuring out BIO’s IT architecture and incorporating them into what we do.

I’ve added the BIO division to this announcement list, so BIO folks, you’re going to see all the announcements we send to this list. It’s not very high traffic, and not everything announced on it is relevant to your division yet. You can also follow our exploits on our blog at https://mcssys.wordpress.com, and @mcssys on Twitter.

Welcome Kat and Jasan:

Martino left our group at the end of October to join CIS and help run their Service Desk, leaving a void for us. We filled that void (and added a little extra effort to help with BIO) since the break. You’ve probably already encountered our newest team members, but I wanted to introduce them all the same.

Jasan Krupka previously spent a number of years with Apple as a Technician/Genius/Product Specialist. He’s also an active member of the National Guard.

Kat Tylka has spent a number of years providing tech support and help desk services in the area, most recently with Porvisur Technologies in Mokena.

We’re thrilled to have both of them on board, so stop by and say “hi" if you haven’t already. (I also hope to be introducing one more team member in the coming month as we’re in the final stages of hiring a new junior sysadmin.)

BIO in-person coverage:

Now that we’ve got a fully staffed service desk, we’ve gone back to full hours again. And with the addition of the BIO division, we’re adding in-person hours in building 446. We’re trying out this schedule to see how it works, and will adjust accordingly as needs dictate, but for the moment we’ll have someone on the desk over there on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, from 8:30 – 11:30 AM. Either Tina, Kat, or Jasan will be located in A128A-1 in building 446 during those hours. Of course, if something comes up that requires an in-person visit outside those hours we’ll do what we’ve been doing, but this gives us a little more regular coverage in the building. You still get help the same way, by e-mailing help@cels.anl.gov, or calling extension 6813.

Services Survey:

We haven’t done a survey in some time, and I think we’re overdue. At the link below you’ll find a Google Form with a rather free-form questionnaire on our team’s services. There aren’t many questions, and it’s really an opportunity for you to let us know where we should be putting our efforts in the coming year. BIO folks, I know you’ve only had a month or so with us, but your input is helpful in this as well, so please dive in.

You can find the survey at http://goo.gl/forms/RA60ciGfB3, and I’ll post a summary in a couple of months. I’d like to keep it open for the month of March, closing it to answers at the end of the month.



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February 29, 2016 at 11:46 am

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