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CIS Maintenance Weekend December 4th-6th, 2015

Please see the below announcement from CIS. There will be no impact on CELS systems.


Argonne’s quarterly IT maintenance weekend is scheduled for Friday, Dec 4th, thru Sunday, Dec 6th.

We are patching and upgrading our major application databases (Oracle, SQL, and MySQL) during the maintenance weekend. In addition, maintenance to systems not affected by the database work will also be performed.

Services Impacted: (> 4 hour maintenance length)

· All business systems and web applications will be unavailable throughout the duration of the maintenance weekend.

· Sharepoint site access (Dec 4th 5pm- Dec 5th 9am)

Services Impacted: (.5 to 4 hour maintenance length)

· Voicemail (Dec 4th 5pm- 7pm)

Services Impacted: ( <.5 hour maintenance)

· Paging

Services NOT Affected:

· Networking


· Wireless

· Email Services


CIS recognizes that the reliability and performance of Laboratory Information Technology resources is essential to our ability to carry out our scientific mission. Like the rest of our laboratory infrastructure, these systems require periodic maintenance, replacement and upgrades.


December 4th, 2015, 5:00 p.m. thru December 6th, 2015, ~5:00 p.m.

· We expect Sharepoint Services to be restored by 9am on December 5th. An “all clear” will be sent to Sharepoint Site Owners after verification is complete.

· We expect verifications to be complete by Sunday at 5p.m. and an “all clear” message will then be sent.

Reporting issues (after maintenance weekend):

· Use the “Request Help” button thru the Argonne Service Desk interface https://help.anl.gov (tickets will be addressed by the Service Desk at the start of business (7:30am) on Monday, Dec 7th.

· Contact the Argonne Service Desk by phone at the start of business (7:30am) on Monday, Dec 7th.

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