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Using Dayforce via RDP

This message applies to the people who are connecting to Dayforce via rdp.mcs.anl.gov rather than some other method. If what you’re doing is working for you, you can safely disregard this message.

Recently, a Google Chrome update disabled native support of NPAPI plugins. This affects a number of plugins, including Silverlight, which is required by Dayforce. There is a workaround, which I’ll go into shortly, but the issue remains this is a temporary workaround and we can expect Chrome to remove support (rather than disable it) eventually.

So the real fix is to switch to Firefox. As such, I’ve added a new shortcut to everyone’s desktop on RDP labelled "Dayforce (via Firefox)". If you launch that shortcut, it will eventually get you to Dayforce (it may ask you some first-time Firefox user questions such as importing bookmarks and choosing a default browser). You’ll eventually need to allow the Silverlight plugin, which it will remind you to do. Make sure you "Allow and Remember" to prevent it from asking every time.

If you wish to continue using Chrome, you’ll need to take an extra step after launching the old Chrome shortcut. You’ll see a page like this:


Ignore step 1. Silverlight is installed, it just doesn’t know it. You need to follow the rest of the steps, however, to get Dayforce to start working again. Once following those steps (including relaunching) Dayforce will work in Chrome as it used to.

Again, this only applies to people using rdp.mcs.anl.gov to get to Dayforce. If you’re happily using http://dash.anl.gov (the officially supported method), or using your own browser and silverlight extenstion, you don’t need to change what you’re doing.



Written by Craig Stacey

April 21, 2015 at 1:57 pm

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