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Brief rolling outages/reboots for security patching starting today (1/30/15)

Due to a serious security vulnerability, we’ve had to patch our Unix-based machines over the past few days. To complete the patching process, we need to reboot these machines. We’re going to a schedule of rolling reboots to ensure any issues that occur during reboots don’t take out too many services at once. We also believe we’ve mitigated the issue that caused the long outage for www.mcs.anl.gov earlier this week, and the current reboots should take much less time.

The schedule is as follows, with the machines being rebooted in a staggered fashion within the 30 minutes following the start time.

12:30PM: squall (Drupal server), typhoon (JLSE Atlassian Server), blizzard (collab – MCS Confluence Server), cyclone (xcollab, xjira – CELS external Confluence and Jira servers), login1 and login4 (SSH login servers)

2:00PM: login2 and login3 (SSH login servers), cvs.globus.org, variant (MCS SVN/Trac server), caveat (trac.mpich.org), repo.anl-external.org (External SVN repos)

More reboots will be announced as machines are identified and patched. Please let us know if this poses a particular problem for you.



Written by Craig Stacey

January 30, 2015 at 11:04 am

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