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Android Security Warning

Please see Matt’s note below on a security vulnerability that affects Android users. Here’s the short version – there’s an issue that allows applications to masquerade as trusted apps. Google has identified the issue and is pushing out a fix. The fix is not there yet, and when it gets there will be dependent on your phone’s manufacturer and carrier. For instance, Nexus phones will probably get the update quickest. As soon as you get notified of the security update, please apply it. This only affects Android users, not iPhone users.

You can download and run this tool to assess if you’ve been affected. If you have, feel free to come to us for help in dealing with it. Right now it’s expected you will show up as “Vulnerable” to the “FakeID” bug. The others should show Patched.



On the heels of the new IT Access Agreement to include BYOD, a security company has discovered a flaw in the Android OS. There is a patch available that has begun to get distributed to the open source code base as well as to manufacturers. It is in the new IT access agreement to keep personal systems patched and up to date.

You can read about the vulnerability here:


You can read about the updated Argonne IT Access Agreement here:



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July 30, 2014 at 1:58 pm

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