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Adobe Flash Player update needed.

Please see the note below regarding a Flash Player update to address a vulnerability that is currently being exploited. For administrative users whose systems are managed by us, we’ll get you up to date. This notice is for all those who manage their own machines.


Adobe has released an Emergency Patch for Flash on all platforms on Feb 4.


Windows and Macintosh should update to Adobe Flash Player

(Exploits ARE available and targetting MacOS machines too.)

Linux should update to Adobe Flash Player

Google Chrome has Flash built in so needs to be updated the lastest patch level.

Internet Explorer Versions 10 and 11 also have built in Flash and have patches available.

There are currently exploits in the wild on this and appear to be picking up speed on distribution.

Please get updates installed on your systems as soon as possible.

We will be updating the DNS Blacklist, Web Proxy and Email gateway with signatures as bad stuff is found.  Be aware that things are changing faster than anyone can react to insert filters or blocks.



Written by Craig Stacey

February 6, 2014 at 12:00 pm

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