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Webserver emergency maintenance

Due to a hardware problem, we need to take one of our webservers down for emergency maintenance this evening at 5pm central.

We expect this to take less than one hour to complete, so things should be back to normal by 6pm central.

The following sites / domains are affected:

activecollab.cels.anl.gov events.cels.anl.gov outreach.kbase.us sc11.anl.gov wiki.globus.org http://www.bgconsortium.org
bionet.mcs.anl.gov extremecomputingtraining.anl.gov papka.alcf.anl.gov sc12.anl.gov wiki-internal.alcf.anl.gov http://www.iwire.org
blog.cels.anl.gov inside.cels.anl.gov press3.mcs.anl.gov scienceclouds.org wiki.iwire.org http://www.mpich.org
bugzilla.mcs.anl.gov magellan.alcf.anl.gov press3-stage.mcs.anl.gov symposium30.cels.anl.gov wiki.kbt.mcs.anl.gov http://www.theseed.org
cca11.org moab.mcs.anl.gov press.igsb.anl.gov tcs.anl.gov wiki.lcrc.anl.gov
cpf.anl.gov nek5000.mcs.anl.gov press.mcs.anl.gov tcs.anl.gov-new wiki.magellancloud.org
dev.globus.org nekcem.mcs.anl.gov pwp.alcf.anl.gov wiki.alcf.anl.gov wiki.mcs.anl.gov
esp.alcf.anl.gov neklbm.mcs.anl.gov sc09.anl.gov wiki.cels.anl.gov wiki.mpich.org
estrfi.cels.anl.gov sc10.anl.gov wiki.cogkit.org workshops.alcf.anl.gov

Daniel Murphy-Olson
Systems Administrator
Mathematics & Computer Science Division
Argonne National Laboratory


Written by Craig Stacey

July 29, 2013 at 8:56 pm

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