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Argonne Unified Wireless Network Controller Upgrade Tomorrow (5/18) 7am-11am

Please see this note regarding an outage of the on-site wireless network tomorrow morning. If you’re not going to be here, no worries. If you will be onsite, you can expect a brief interruption in wifi service.

> On Saturday, May 18 from 7am-11am, We will perform system maintenance on the Argonne Unified Wireless Network system.
> Cisco TAC engineers has advised us to perform a necessary code upgrade which will fix the signal issues in the wireless system.
> This upgrade does not affect any Argonne servers nor does it affect the Argonne VPN; BUT, if a user is onsite at Argonne
> and are using the Argonne Unified Wireless LAN while using the VPN at the same time; it’s possible a client will drop the VPN/wireless > LAN session until the Access Point reboots.
> After the system maintenance is complete, the wireless controllers and the wireless Access Point’s will be rebooted (in a staged
> occurrence). When the controllers come back online, an Access Point reboot will also occur (in a controlled manner) in order to
> receive the necessary software improvements. Each of the wireless access points will experience a 3-5 minute outage until all of > them have downloaded the patched software.
> Please contact the helpdesk at 2-9999 or email the helpdesk at help@anl.gov if you are having any wireless issues after the > patching.
> Thank you.


Written by Craig Stacey

May 17, 2013 at 6:19 pm

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