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New Zimbra features: Automatic BCC (aka, outgoing mail filters), Tips on making appointments

Good morning, campers! I’m sending this out to let you know about a new feature Zimbra has since the upgrade this weekend, and also some new behavior with regards to appointments.

First, the new feature. We’ve had enough requests for this in the past that I thought it would be good to send a notice to everyone on how to enable it.

Note that this only works for mail sent using the Zimbra Web Client (https://zimbra.anl.gov). This won’t affect mail you send through other clients (like Mac Mail, your phone, etc.).

After logging in, go into “Preferences” in the top bar of tabs. Then click “Mail” in the menu on the left, followed by “filters” below that. Click the “Outgoing Message Filters” tab, then “New Filter”.

Give the filter a name, then click the “Subject” dropdown in the box below. From the “Any/All” dropdown, choose “Any”.  What you want to do is set up a filter that will always trigger for you. The best way to do this is by choosing “size”, choosing “over” in the next box, and entering 0 in the next box. Hit the plus sign, and repeat, except use “under” instead of over.

In the “Perform the following actions:” section, click the plus icon, and choose “Forward to Address” in the box on the left. Then enter the address you’d like to automatically Bcc:. Repeat this step if you want to add additional addresses to be BCCed.

You will end up with something that looks like this.

Click OK and you’re done. Now any mail sent via the Zimbra web interface will automatically be sent to the addresses you specify. This is very handy if you like to automatically BCC yourself (which I do). If you’re putting in an address other than yourself, please be very mindful that everything you send will be BCCed.

Also, a heads up on making appointments in your calendar.

If you invite others to the appointment (either people, rooms, or equipment), the “Save and Close” button up top will change to “Send”, and “Save” — two separate buttons. Until you click “Send”, the invitations will not be sent to the others in the meeting. If you click “Send”, it will send the invitations and save the meeting info. If you click “Save” it will only save the information but not send the invites. Appointments in that state will show up with a little pencil icon in the upper right corner.



Written by Craig Stacey

January 21, 2013 at 4:06 pm

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