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Spam Quarantine will be disabled for one week starting Sunday

During CIS’s maintenance weekend (August 17-19), they will be upgrading the IronPort spam appliance that filters all our mail. One of the things it does right now is take mail that it’s flagged as spam, and puts it into a quarantine. You may have received e-mail notifications about these quarantined messages, with instructions on how to release a message from quarantine — this is what happens when it catches something for you.

Well, the upgrade process does not allow a transfer of quarantined messages from the old servers to the new. This means that any messages sitting in quarantine on the old boxes will be gone.

To reduce the possibility that someone will lose an improperly quarantined message, CIS is taking the following approach:

  • If you have a quarantined message, the notice will now tell you you have a week to release it. 
  • Starting on Sunday the 12th, new spam messages will be flagged as spam, but will not be quarantined. This will result in more spam mail making it to the mail server. 
  • It’s likely that either Zimbra or your mail client (depending on which client you use) will trust these flags and still prevent the message from hitting your inbox. So you may not notice this. But if you do notice an increase in spam messages, this should only last for a week. 
  • Once the new appliances are online during the weekend of August 17-19, the quarantine will be turned back on, and we will resume operating the same way we are today. 

Let us know if you have any questions.


Written by Craig Stacey

August 10, 2012 at 5:29 pm

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