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Zimbra Upgrade Postponed – Mailing List and RT outage – Blog move

Greetings, folks!

First up, the announced upgrade to Zimbra that was supposed to happen on Sunday has been postponed. There were some hangups in other areas that prevented adequate testing to be done beforehand, and we like to be sure before we upgrade. I’ll announce the new upgrade date when it’s picked.

However, we are doing some maintenance on the mailing list server this weekend that will temporarily take out all mailing lists and RT trouble tickets. It’ll take about an hour while we sync data between the hosts, so we’re calling the downtime 11AM to noon on Jan 30. During this period, mail sent to mailing lists will queue up and be delivered after the work is complete. Likewise trouble tickets. In both cases, the web interfaces to the services will also be unavailable.

Lastly, the Systems Blog has moved to a new home at http://mcssys.posterous.com (though you can still get there via http://mcs.anl.gov/systems/blog). Not that we don’t like the service we provide at http://press.mcs.anl.gov, but more so that I (and others) can post things to the blog via e-mail (which is nice), as well as the added bonus of having a site that’s up even if the entire lab is not (due to either network or power catastrophes). In those situations, we can inform you that things are down and why. You know, if you’re not here, sitting in your dark office wondering why your computer screen is so uninteresting.

Let me know if any of this poses a problem.


Craig Stacey, IT Manager, MCS & CI


Written by Craig Stacey

January 27, 2011 at 11:19 pm

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