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Zimbra Update

Mike Rios has been working tirelessly on this issue from the start, loosing sleep and I suspect some wits, (kidding).  Thanks Mike for all your work!He has just sent out an note on the current state of afairs vis a vis Zimbra, along with a link to a page that they will be using to post updates:all.We are still experiencing an issue with our Zimbra mail system.  At present,Zimbra runs normally for a short while, then response time to the users willbegin to degrade after about 15-30 minutes until the system is virtuallyunusable.  Mail delivery is still happening; the front-end is the only thingbeing impacted by this issue.We have taken to restarting the module that is responsible for the user responseand mail interface every 15 minutes, at :00, :15, :30, and :45 on the clock.The restart process takes about 90 seconds, during which time reading andsending mail, along with the Zimbra web interface, will be affected.  Thisstrategy has allowed us to “limp” along while we work with Zimbra in finding asolution for the problem we have.Zimbra engineers are working with us, examining our log files and going throughtheir code.  There is at present no estimated time to repair for this issue.Zimbra understands that this is a critical issue for us, and has a number ofpeople working this issue and keeping us informed of their progress.  Whatinformation we receive will be communicated on this list.  In addition, we willbe keeping a wiki page up-to-date with information as we have it:https://wiki.inside.anl.gov/inside/Zimbra/Current_IssuesIf there are any questions regarding this outage or any other issues related tothis outage, please don’t hesitate to direct them to this list or any of theArgonne people involved.Thank you for your support and patience!mike rios.


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October 15, 2010 at 4:14 am

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