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We’re moved!

Wow, what a day. Most of us got here over 15 hours ago, some of us are still here. I’m a little punch drunk, so I’ll give a quick summary and perhaps a better post mortem later in the week.

  • All equipment was moved without incident. Boyer-Rosene (the folks who moved all of us into our offices) were simply fantastic, very professional, and a joy to deal with!
  • The bulk of the day was spent putting the machines back together, plugging in all the whosits and whatsits and things that go *ping*
  • We had a bit of a network scare around 7, just when we thought we were back. Corby and Linda trudged over to 221 and got things working again after some fighting with some very old networking hardware.
  • We*believe no mail was bounced, and things seem to be trickling through now and will continue to do so overnight
  • We also believe just about all critical infrastructure is back up. We’ll catch what we missed either tomorrow or Monday
  • We finally retired the following machines and services:
    • Our old Windows 2000 domain
    • Our old mail servers, some of which date back to the 90’s
    • Our old tape library, that’s been handling our tape backups since… well, since before I’ve been employed here.
  • Your “windows password” is no more. You now have a single MCS password, used for logging into everything we run except Zimbra. And, soon, Zimbra will also use that password

The Core really looks like a datacenter now. It’s filled with racks of machines, all chugging along. We have some work to do, still, and some cleanup in there (along with a hefty amount of cleanup in 221). Once it’s all done, we’ll have a little “open house” over lunch some day when you can stop by and we can show you all the cool things about the room and what’s running in there, plus what will be running in there in the years to come.A big, heartfelt “thank you” to everyone who came in to help today, and throughout the weeks since we started this move: Corby Schmitz, Linda Winkler, Max Trefonides, Hunter Matthews, John Valdes, Jason Hedden, John Roberts, Rick Bradshaw, Ti Leggett, Ken Raffenetti, Dave Goodell, Darius Buntinas, Rob Latham, Jared Wilkenning, Narayan Desai, Pavan Balaji, Rinku Gupta, David Ressman. If I’ve forgotten someone, please let me know! This whole move was a huge thing, and praise is deserved.I don’t want to minimize anyone’s effort in this, but I feel I must call out two people who have put in a really extraordinary effort in making this all happen. First is Hunter, who spent almost every day since we moved to 240 back over in the old machine room getting gear ready to move, all while learning about and rebuilding a new piece of the infrastructure that recently fell under his responsibility. I also want to call out Rick, who really took the lead on the huge organizational burden of this move, and did a fantastic job, also while doing a fantastic job fighting the NFS server issues that plagued us (while coming up with a top-notch and zippy service improvement).Lastly, some entertainment for you. I’ve posted a couple of videos to facebook, but for those of you who aren’t on there, check out the following videos. This is what happens during a long day in the datacenter:

Written by Craig Stacey

October 18, 2009 at 10:47 am

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