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For those who have a need to access internal-only sites via the web, and don’t want to install or use the Cisco VPN client, there’s a web-based VPN proxy you can use to access these internal sites.It’s not quite a production service at this point, hence the weasel words in the subject. But it works well for getting to many of the things behind inside.anl.gov.You can find it at: https://vpn.anl.govIn order to use this, you *must* have a VPN account. Not everyone does by default, it’s given out only to users who request it. And once you get this VPN account, you have two weeks to fill out a survey documenting whether or not you have access to Protected PII (the link to which will be in the e-mail you get when you get access). If you don’t fill out the survey, they turn off your VPN access.You can request VPN access by sending an e-mail to systems@mcs.anl.gov requesting it.Your login information to the VPN is your Argonne domain username and password.Once you login, you’ll get a page from which you can browse to any site (for example, https://inside.anl.gov).Hoping this will make things easier for those random tasks you have to do on the internal systems once or twice a month.


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August 22, 2008 at 4:56 am

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