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Hey, folks.  Hope everyone’s having a great summer.  I was going to put this note into the next Dispatch from the Geeks, but I’ve had some requests on the matter recently, so I figure I’d send along this note right now.  Today’s lesson comes in the form of a parable of the Happy Little Bug.There once was a happy little bug.  His name was Desmond.  Desmond, the happy little bug.Desmond sent large print jobs to the printer and then never went to check on them.  Then the printer ran out of paper.  Then all the other bugs who went to use the printer had to load it with paper but then had to wait a long time for their jobs to come out because of Desmond.So they squashed him with a rock.The end.The moral of the story: if you’re sending a big job to the printer, make sure you check on it to make sure it came out okay.  If you’re using a Mac or Windows machine, you can send the job with a password so it won’t print until you get there.  See http://mcs.anl.gov/faq/Printers for the latest drivers with this capability.Thanks!


Written by Craig Stacey

August 19, 2008 at 1:48 am

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