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Zimbra and iCal syncing

If you use iCal and sync your calendar with Zimbra, or would like to start, I’ve posted detailed instructions on how you can do this with CalDAV here:http://wiki.mcs.anl.gov/IT/index.php/Mail#Zimbra_and_iCalI’ve seen enough failures and sync issues with the Zimbra iSync connector that I’ve lost faith in it for Calendar syncing. It’s okay for Contacts syncing between Zimbra and Address Book (and is the only way to accomplish that right now), but I’ve had enough users complain about appointments not making it up to the server or not make it from the server to their own calendar that I just cannot in good faith recommend using it anymore.But this new method requires running OS X Leopard (10.5). Tiger users will have to continue to use the connector.Now, that being said, there’s a small change in how you interact with your calendars, especially iPhone users (though iPhone 2.0 should pretty much solve that). However, the difference in reliability, in my opinion, more than outweighs the burden of slightly changing your operating mode. This is, by far, the most reliable way to make sure the server is up to date short of just switching to the web interface exclusively. The details on the changes are on the wiki page above, but the short story is that every calendar you have on your Zimbra account, including shared ones, will be synced to iCal, and by default all alarms on all calendars are turned on, though you can turn them off individually or all at once.If you have others who manage your calendars or regularly rely on the server view being up to date, you should strongly consider switching to this mode of operating. No more silent failures, and instant updating of your appointments to the server when you enter them on your local calendar. Plus, I’m told it will also help prevent hair loss and random cranial explosions.If anyone wants any help setting this up, I or someone else in the group should be able to assist, though it’s not that difficult. Also, if you have suggestions on improving the documentation, please pass them along.Thanks!


Written by Craig Stacey

June 19, 2008 at 5:16 am

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