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Right now, we have well over 500 accounts in the zimbra.mcs.anl.gov domain. All but around 85 of them are generally considered to be fully migrated.  You should see your new mail, your old mail, and your calendar and contact data.The reason those 85 accounts couldn’t be merged into place is because there’s already an existing account with that name.  Typically, these have data that we don’t want to lose, although some of you have sent me notice on what I can blow away.  I’ll get through those, then we’ll write up the synchronization docs so you folks can drop to a single account.  As quickly as possible.We’re also going to update the docs (for those of you who’ve already read them) to simplify things a little.  When we’re done, everyone (except for people who intentionally use more than one account) should be logging in with <mcsusername>-mcs and their domain password.  No @ sign or anything after it.  After we’re over this initial hump and have taken a very deep breath, we’ll tackle the remaining problems like assisting with filters and forwarding.  And, once that dust has settled, we’ll clean things up a little and drop things into their right domains (zimbra.alcf.anl.gov, zimbra.cels.anl.gov).I’ve noticed on some accounts our attempt at moving your mail from the old server (cliff) to the zimbra was not complete.  It’s not immediately clear why, but we can say that your mail on the old server should be just as it was before this, so if nothing else we can get it migrated up.  Also, before we retire cliff (which is still a ways off), we’re going to archive all that data to tape.  Just in case.Some of you have noticed the server’s a bit slow.  CIS (who have just been so awesome throughout this) are investigating whether this is just the spike of all those hungry mail clients updating their caches, or if it’s what we can expect for steady state.  Regardless, beefier hardware will be coming — this will just determine how soon.Let me state again that we all sincerely appreciate the patience you all have shown us.  We really do notice it.


Written by Craig Stacey

April 29, 2008 at 2:31 am

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