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This could have gone better

I won’t lie.  This is confusing, and we’re going to spend the next day making things right.  We hit far too many roadblocks, and I learned a lot of lessons on how not to do this, but here’s the short story.  I’ll be sending out something more comprehensive tomorrow.Right now, your mail is going to the new server, and your mail from the old server has been copied over.  But clashing accounts meant a good number of you have more than one account on the new server, and the method we thought would work to join them isn’t working.All your mail up until Saturday afternoon is still on the old server.  We didn’t delete anything from there.New mail coming in is going to the new server.  If you bring up a web browser, go to https://zimbra.anl.gov and login as <mcs username>-mcs with your Argonne password, you’ll see your new mail.  Your old mail may be there, or it may be in a secondary account.  We’ll get things sane over the next day.I really and truly apologize about the hassle this has been, and is going to be.  It would make things much easier in the transition if everyone used the web interface to read their mail for the next day or so while we get things settled.  If you were forwarding your mail already, it should be still forwarded.  But if it’s not, then let us know and we’ll track it down.I need to lie down for a while.

Written by Craig Stacey

April 28, 2008 at 10:18 am

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