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It’s always darkest…

You know the old saying — it’s always darkest before they pull the hood off and you see where they’ve been driving you all these hours.  Oh wait, that’s not the right way to start this.Sorry, that was not a suitably optimistic start.  I’ve had one of those days that would make Mother Teresa swear like a pirate with a toothache.  And, given that, based on the last time I checked, I’m not a nun, you can imagine the string of profanity seeping out from under my office door today.  Those brief mail outages some of you may have noticed this afternoon?  Oh yeah, that was all me.  I can bring down a mail server faster than an Elliot Spitzer governorship.  [Happy fun trivia: It took seven edits until I hit upon a simile I was reasonably confident wouldn’t get me fired or written up.  Reasonably confident.]Anyway, sorry ’bout that – I’l do my best to make sure it doesn’t happen again.So why lead with the doom and gloom?  Because I have happy news to bring you in the ever lengthening saga of The 44 Year Old Building and the Power Panels of Dooooooom.I bet you were expecting an update from me along the lines of “Oh no!  turns out all our wiring is made of asbestos!”  Well, no. At least… not yet [knock on table that I can only assume is wood].But, thanks to some actions that I can only classify as the prototypical case of “Above and Beyond”, we’re closer to the solution than you’d expect.  In fact, I have the happy task of making a liar out of myself and rescinding my “no sooner than Monday” prediction from yesterday.  There is a chance — and I must stress that this is a *chance*, not a *promise* — that we could be back up by close of business tomorrow.  And when I say back up, I mean all four of the affected power panels.Major kudos, props, and what-have-yous to Corby for staying on top of this, doing the right things, schmoozing the right people, and making the run to an electrical supply place and procuring the necessary wiring to make this accelerated schedule happen.  I’d nominate him for a pacesetter, but those big public shows just embarrass him.  So instead, let’s all silently cheer him as we read this notice, and rest assured I’ll make sure he gets a suitable single malt reward for his efforts.Seriously, this is one thing that’s honestly going better than we thought.Next update on the morrow.  Your continued patience is, without question, noted and appreciated.


Written by Craig Stacey

April 4, 2008 at 6:47 am

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