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Zimbra Upgrade

If you currently use the Argonne Zimbra server for your calendar (or anything else), this message is worth reading.  This notice isn’t directly in relation to the upcoming MCS, CELS, and ALCF mailbox migration to Zimbra.On Sunday night, Zimbra Collaboration Suite 5.0.2 was installed on the server.  Coupled with last week’s move from the “pilot” hardware to the current production hardware, there are now a number of things you should have in place to use Zimbra effectively.  Below is a list of what’s changed and what you need to do.===Hostname and username: As announced last week, the hostname for the zimbra server is now https://zimbra.anl.gov.  Any configuration or bookmarks you have should be updated to reflect this new hostname to avoid warnings about certificate name mismatches.  At the moment, you can login as any of the following:

In all cases, your password is your ANL domain password.  This is the last change we’ll see in this area until the above-mentioned mailbox migration is complete.  At that point, we’ll announce how everything will work, but the short story is that your username will be your e-mail address (e.g. stace@mcs.anl.gov, tstacey@alcf.anl.gov, stace@anl.gov, etc.).===New Sync Clients: There are new sync connectors for Windows and Mac OS.  You will find these at https://zimbra.anl.gov/downloads/index.html (specifically ZimbraOlkConnector-5.0.2_GA_1967_5.0.2465.msi and zimbra-isync-5.0.2_HA_1971.MACOSX_UB.dmg.)  I don’t know a lot about the outlook connector, but the iSync connector includes a number of new features.  Specifically:

  • You can now sync shared calendars with iCal.
  • You can reset Zimbra sync data for contacts and calendars independent of each other, no longer all or nothing.
  • If you use Leopard (Mac OS 10.5) you can sync (read-only) via CalDAV.  (Note, iPhone users should not use this method, as CalDAV calendars cannot be synced with an iPhone at this time.)

This upgrade is highly recommended for any OS X user.===New Features: When you login to https://zimbra.anl.gov, you should notice a new layout with new features.  (If you don’t see these features, let me know.)Tasks: Zimbra now supports To-Do lists.  Unfortunately, these lists are not synced via the iSync connector to iCal.Briefcase: You can now use Zimbra to store and share files for collaboration.Preview Pane: If you read any mail on Zimbra, it now includes a preview pane in the mailbox view, so you can see your messages and the message you’re reading at the same time with a single click.Improved Address Book: Address book now supports a number of fields including IM addresses, photos, etc.Multiple Web Versions: You can access Zimbra with Safari 3.0 and the iPhone.  It now supports the standard (but much improved) Advanced (AJAX) view, a non-AJAX basic HTML view, and a view tailored for mobile devices.Revision history in Documents: If you use the Documents feature in Zimbra, it now supports reverting to older versions of documents on the server, and viewing history of changes.I’m sure there are new features I’m missing, so please login and play with it.  When we get our mail migration completed, you’ll be able to use this as a web mail client as well.  Also, the lab will soon be evaluating native Blackberry synchronization, which is currently in beta testing.–Craig


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February 19, 2008 at 3:17 am

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