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64 Bit Linux Desktop Reboot, 9/28/2007, 5:00 PM

The machines listed below need a reboot to get an updated kernel as a security fix.  We plan to reboot any affected machines that have not yet been rebooted at 5 PM on Friday, 9/28.  If you can reboot prior to then at your convenience you won’t be affected by the 5PM reboot.Thanks!

  • ‘gnep.mcs.anl.gov’
  • ‘luigi.mcs.anl.gov’
  • ‘redline.mcs.anl.gov’
  • ‘octopus.mcs.anl.gov’
  • ‘octagon.mcs.anl.gov’
  • ‘rouxamd64.mcs.anl.gov’
  • ‘likli-desktop.mcs.anl.gov’
  • ‘roberts-desktop.mcs.anl.gov’
  • ‘bucco.mcs.anl.gov’
  • ‘portnoy.mcs.anl.gov’
  • ‘goodell-desktop.mcs.anl.gov’
  • ‘moriarty.mcs.anl.gov’
  • ‘soprano.mcs.anl.gov’
  • ‘gcs.mcs.anl.gov’
  • ‘shagrath.mcs.anl.gov’

Written by Craig Stacey

September 28, 2007 at 6:44 am

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