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Mail server outage Wednesday, July 25th, 7AM – 9AM.

We will be taking the e-mail gateway for MCS (mailgw.mcs.anl.gov) offline tomorrow, July 25th, from 7 AM until 9 AM to replace the machine due to a hardware failure.  This outage will prevent users from sending any new messages, and incoming mail delivery from offsite will be suspended.  No incoming messages will be lost, they will simply be delayed.Users will still be able to read mail.  Any messages sent during this outage may not actually go out until the machine is back online.  Depending on how the mail client is configured, users may get an error while trying to send during this outage.  This is normal and to be expected, and most if not all laptops are configured this way.There may be moments of periodic connectivity during this outage while we fine tune the server.  Please try to avoid sending new mail to minimize the risk of something going wrong or your mail getting lost.  Once the maintenance is complete we will send a followup announcement.

Written by Craig Stacey

July 25, 2007 at 4:53 am

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