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Greetings!As announced in the last division meeting, the MCS Systems Group is going to start hosting a Tips & Tricks brownbag on Mondays, starting next week (7/9) at 12:00 in room A261.The format for this sort of thing is going to be very interactive. There will be demonstrations, and audience interaction is highly encouraged!The inaugural talk is going to focus on using Zimbra.Some background for the uninitiated: Zimbra is an open source collaboration suite that handles e-mail, calendaring, contact lists, and sharing notes. The lab has been engaged in a pilot program for some time now, with MCS (and now CLS and LCF) being heavy users of the service. It’s a service provided by CIS, and MCS has been heavily involved in its care and feeding.You can interact with it entirely via a web interface, or through your favorite applications, including any mail program. It can sync with iCal on the Mac, and Outlook on a Windows machine. It can sync with mobile devices — Windows Mobile and Palm OS do very well. Blackberry, not so much, but improvements are brewing in that space.We’re in the process of bringing this out of beta and into production at the lab. We’ve been giving out accounts to all who ask for one, and are now ready to swing into high gear.If any of this is intriguing to you, please drop by the brownbag on Monday, 7/9 at noon in 221-A261.Thanks!(If you want some advance reading: http://www.zimbra.com, http://wiki.mcs.anl.gov/IT/index.php/Zimbra.)


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July 4, 2007 at 2:32 am

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