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Update on the situation, as promised.The new file server is up and running.  We’re in the process of getting the data onto it.  There’s about 12TB to move, so it will take a while.  If all goes as planned, the data sync should be complete by this time tomorrow.While this is an urgent matter and we are fast tracking this, we don’t want to cut corners.  In other words, we want to thoroughly test this before we bring it online, because once we cut over, we can’t trivially cut back.Here’s the expected timeline: Data sync largely complete by tomorrow evening, continuous updates will occur to keep things in sync from that point forward.  Then, spend the next four days configuring, tweaking, and testing.  On July 4 at a time to be announced later, we will have a short downtime to make the switch, plus some other housekeeping tasks we need to do.If you feel you need your data to be served off the new server prior to that, please let me know and we’ll jointly explore the options and ramifications of doing that — it’s going to vary depending on your usage model.As a side note — this thing is f-a-s-t.  Make no mistake, what we deploy on the 4th will not be our next generation file storage solution, it’s a stop-gap measure.  Our actual solution will be developed, tested and deployed using the second server and will be deployed some time in the fall or winter.  But, as far as stop-gaps go, this thing is sweet.


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June 29, 2007 at 6:38 am

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