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Service outage this weekend (5/19 and 5/20)

The building 221 power outage scheduled for this Saturday is off. It should be noted, however, that it is still a weekend-long maintenance window for CIS services, and we in MCS have some scheduled changes we’ll still be doing on our network and servers.So, while the actual power outage is off, my previous cautions of expecting abnormalities and outages on Saturday will stand. We specifically expect to have a mail server outage, various sections of the network (none of the big clusters or bgl will be affected), and a name server switch.For completeness, the CIS outage announcement is included below.–Craig*Major Network and IT Service Outages this Sat. & Sun. 5/19-20*Major maintenance activities are planned for this Sat. & Sun. between 8:30 and 17:00 each day. All laboratory network and core IT services will be effected at various times throughout the two day period. In /general/, network infrastructure changes will happen on Sat. Data center, server and service outages will happen on Sun. Network outages on Sat. /should/ be short in duration (~5min.). Stellent will be unavailable for much of the weekend.A short list of key services affected can be found below. Details can be found here.After the outage period, if you have systems that are still experiencing problems, reboot them before seeking further assistance. If the problems still persist, contact your local systems administration staff, 2-9999 or help@anl.gov.If you have concerns or questions about the outages described above, feel free to contact either me or Jim Dust.PaulChanges in this maint. period;

Systems & services affected*

  •   All laboratory business systems
  •   OPS File Servers
  •   ANL Exchange
  •   My-SQL & LAMP farm
  •   Stellant
  •   Laboratory firewall, 200 & 300 area core networks
  •   Border routers (redundant routes exist)

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May 17, 2007 at 2:04 am

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